Why Procurement and IT
Should NOT Select Procurement Technology

What's broken in the traditional technology RFP process? A lot.


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Thousands of employees spend their budgets in the trenches to accomplish their missions – so shouldn’t they be leading a software selection rather than Procurement and IT (both of whom want to go “touchless” and also support the stakeholders) so that they pick the tools that they truly need to be successful?

In this webinar, Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell and H&R Block VP Finance Todd Dooley will take you on a journey toward value-based evaluation where internal stakeholders are a key part of the selection journey.  

You'll learn:

  • A technology selection approach that turns a traditional RFx approach on its head and basically guarantees buy-in from the start
  • The new roles played by procurement, IT, power buyers, casual users, and third parties
  • 6 key business scenarios that in turn drive P2P design and performance outcomes which in turn drives the needed cloud technology capabilities
  • Key tips and tricks to front-load your project in a way that eliminates traditional downstream implementation barriers

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