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Economics, Geopolitical, and Environment, Oh My: It's Really Time to Talk Risk  

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Supply chain risk is an ongoing process and having a collaborative, risk intelligent culture and the right tools to aid you is essential as shifting economic, geopolitical and environmental factors can affect your business. 

In this webinar, Spend Matters’ Jason Busch joins Coupa’s senior economist and risk expert Ahmad Sadeddin as they discuss the three top risk areas and provide actions you can take to ensure you have the foresight to make strategic sourcing decisions.

Economic Risk: Do you understand the supplier financial risk and trade/counterparty exposure in a leveraged market environment?

Geopolitical Risk: How do NAFTA, Brexit and increased global free trade affect the supply chain?

Environmental Risk: How do natural disasters play a role in your decision-making process? Why should you source locally? Which countries are riskier and which allow for low-cost sourcing? 

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