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Your ERP works great as a financial system of record. But as a tool for managing supplier relationships? Not so much.

Supplier information is dynamic, diverse and business critical. Just like suppliers themselves. To maintain accurate information (and positive relationships) requires a system that’s agile and responsive. Not exactly what ERP systems are known for.

In this webcast, three experts discuss options for solving this dilemma:

  • Amy Fong, Senior Procurement Advisor at the Hackett Group, shares research on the Supplier Information Management (SIM) market including usage trends and documented benefits.
  • JR Miller, SVP Finance with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), describes how LLS is effectively tackling their supplier management challenges using Coupa
  • Scott Harris, Director of Product Management for Coupa introduces Coupa's new SIM application, which leverages ‘right-time’ participation to ensure accurate and complete supplier data.

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