P2P Automation for SMEs

New Opportunities with Cloud-based SaaS Solutions

Are you big enough for P2P automation?

The answer may surprise you. Even if your annual revenues are closer to $100M than $1B, modern financial automation tools can pay big dividends.

This Paystream Advisors report examines the state of modern P2P and eInvoicing automation and its relevance for SMEs. The conclusion? Cloud-based SaaS offerings can be very cost-effective solutions for mid-sized companies plagued by manual processes, long approval cycles, decentralized operations, and inaccurate or lost invoices.

Misconceptions and best practices

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Paystream Report


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This report includes survey data and industry insights regarding P2P and eInvoicing automation for SMEs, including:

  • P2P automation trends
  • Benefits of eInvoicing for SMEs
  • Why SMEs are a good fit for automation
  • Invoice automation options and opportunities
  • Best practices for selecting a solution