Efficient End-to-End P2P

How to drive 300% efficiency gains in P2P


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One of the biggest barriers to efficient end-to-end P2P is poor relations between Procurement and AP. Many organizations will be all too familiar with the blame culture that can arise and effectively silo the functions when the two don't see eye to eye.

Alignment can be a P2P game-changer.

It helped one Fortune 500 company quadruple invoice volume with just 1 additional FTE, achieving 300% efficiency gains in P2P. In this webinar, we explore how Molina Healthcare implemented Coupa’s unified platform for AP and Procurement, and bolstered relationships by changing the P2P reporting structure and introducing shadow training.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • Practical strategies to align finance and procurement - what works and what doesn’t
  • 4 ways to increase P2P self-service levels
  • Top tips to reduce non-compliant purchases and develop a culture of accountability throughout the P2P process

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