Managed Travel:
Usability Matters

When your employees don't adopt your managed travel program, you lose big. Coupa & Orbitz, industry leaders in usability, have created an integrated solution for booking and expensing travel that your employees will love -- and use.

In this on-demand webcast, Charles Bacharach, VP of Sales for Orbitz, and Tony Darugar, General Manager of Expenses at Coupa, discuss and share:

  • Best-in-class metrics & benefits of managed travel
  • How Coupa & Orbitz integrate from travel to expense
  • Customer case studies

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Managed travel drives savings and safety.
Unmanaged travel? Not so much.


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Charles Bacharach
VP, Sales

Tony Darugar
GM, Expenses

How Orbitz and Coupa Team Up to Win Over Users

Best of One Vision Webcast Series: Episode #5 Replay