The Value of Internal Customer-centricity for Finance Leaders: Lessons from the Retail World

Presenters: Amy Fong, Associate Principal at The Hackett Group & Amit Duvedi, VP of Business Strategy at Coupa

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Business leaders of all stripes may be familiar with the philosophy of customer-centricity embraced by retailers in recent years. From acquiring new customers and delivering a truly rewarding customer experience to creating a lifetime of customer loyalty, embracing customer centricity can be a game-changer in terms of achieving business results.

Watch our replay to hear thought leaders Amy Fong, Associate Principal at The Hackett Group, and Amit Duvedi, VP of Business Strategy at Coupa, on why finance leaders should apply customer-centered concepts to internal customers, employees and managers. Additional topics to be covered include:

  • How omnichannel engagement makes multiple buying channels (e.g., help desks, self-service online catalogs, third-party aggregator sites) available anywhere and anytime to employees
  • Routing employees to a preferred supply source and process/transaction path through a simple, retail-like business-to-business experience
  • How buying-process status information upfront through self-service tools and making approvals easy lets employees and managers conduct many tasks themselves with greater efficiency and accuracy.

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