2014 eInvoicing Benchmarks

Usage, Results and Features of eInvoicing Solutions for AP

What's the Impact of eInvoicing on AP Operations?

According to current users, the benefits of eInvoicing include fewer lost invoices, quicker approval cycles, increased on-time payments, and improved vendor satisfaction. Yet only 20% of surveyed companies receive more than 50% of their invoices electronically.

This Paystream Advisors survey report includes data on how eInvoicing is improving AP efficiency and examines why some organizations are still slow to adopt (and why they shouldn't be).

eInvoicing Features & Functions

The report also includes a guide to the most common functions found in AP automation and eInvoicing solutions, including:

  •  Intelligent capture

  •  Automated workflow

  •  eProcurement

  •  Supplier perceptions and impact

  •  Supplier onboarding

  •  Dynamic discount management

Intended for: Accounting and finance professionals responsible for AP operations or invoice processing.

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"While there is still widespread use of paper invoices, over 15 percent of respondents report they send over 75 percent of their invoices electronically, and 34 percent report their average time of invoice approval is less than 5 days."

2014 eInvoicing Benchmark Report
PayStream Advisors