CPO Rising Report

Predictions and benchmarks from over 270 executives

Procurement is changing.

A variety of roles and responsibilities are converging under procurement. This original research from Ardent Partners, publishers of CPO Rising, assesses the impact and prospects for these changes.

CPO Rising

It's not all about savings anymore.

Travel management, contingent labor, accounts payable... procurement's role is expanding to encompass these and many other functions. This report examines this trend and how procurement's role, priorities, strategies and challenges are changing as a result. Highlights include:

  •  CPO priorities today vs 3 years ago

  •  Definitions and benchmarks for key metrics

  •  Predictions for 2014

  •  Top challenges, pressures and strategies

  •  Best-in-class comparisons

  •  Recommendations to improve performance

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"Whether by design or necessity, the responsibilities of the typical CPO in 2014 continue to expand and evolve mirroring the broader convergence of business processes and functions occurring in business today."

CPO Rising
Ardent Partners