Whitepaper: The Strategic Sourcing Lifecycle

Written by leading strategic sourcing expert Dr Michael Lamoureux, The Strategic Sourcing Lifecycle gives you a comprehensive introduction to strategic sourcing and highlights the developments and techniques that are fundamentally changing the sourcing function for the world’s largest companies.

In the coming years we will see huge increases in the use of advanced strategic sourcing techniques. This whitepaper will give you a guide on what to expect and show you how to take advantage - and get ahead - by understanding what strategic sourcing can do for you and your organization. The Strategic Sourcing Lifecycle shows you:

  • How to identify, plan and execute an effective strategic sourcing project
  • The mistakes to avoid when creating your sourcing team
  • How to use decision optimization and 'what if' scenarios
  • How to implement Supplier Relationship Management throughout the sourcing lifecycle
  • The 4-phases of the sourcing process
  • The evolution of Stategic Sourcing

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