How to Make Procurement a Source of Sustainable Business Value
A case study with Australian Unity

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Procurement transformation has huge potential to increase business agility and improve results. The challenge is how to sustain those results. With a focus on spend management, you can generate big returns in a short period of time, but also it is also critical to put in place sustainable mechanisms to safeguard that investment.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Warren Dick, the Head of Procurement with Australian Unity, along with Keaton Miller, Coupa's Regional Vice President of Customer Success (Asia Pacific), and hear about procurement transformation in today's modern organization. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Technology's impact on spend management and the emphasis on cost savings, visibility and control
  • Challenges faced by rapidly growing organizations across procurement, finance, and external suppliers
  • Translation of procurement savings into real business results
  • Techniques to future proof procurement value within an organization