Threading the Supply Chain Needle

Learn how to break down departmental silos and design resilient and sustainable supply chains.

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Supply chain, procurement, and finance must come together to identify risks early on and meet core business objectives.

Supply chain disruption has become the new norm. ESG regulations are on the rise around the world. So how do you adapt to help your organization rise to the challenge?

To start, supply chain, procurement, and finance must join forces. One decision made in one department has ripple effects in all the others. Organizations need visibility and real-time data sharing to make truly optimal decisions that benefit everyone involved.

While collaborating across teams can seem like a Herculean task, with the right technology and processes, it doesn’t have to be. When supply chain, procurement, and finance work together, they can make smarter, faster decisions to reduce risk and achieve profitability and sustainability goals.

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  • Why resilience and sustainability are team sports — and who needs to play
  • What you need to increase collaboration across departments
  • Practical steps to start building a more resilient and sustainable supply chain now

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