Forrester Report:
Create a SaaS Migration Road Map that is Fast

A Guide to Getting It Done Fast—Which is Better than Perfect

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Forrester Report: Create a SaaS Migration Road Map

According to Forrester Research, “The ERP era is over.” That’s why three quarters of enterprises plan to replace or augment ERP systems with more agile SaaS applications—if they haven’t done so already. But with legacy systems so entrenched in business processes and the need to strike a balance between IT standardization and business agility goals, application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders are struggling with figuring out how and where to best start.

Forrester put together this report to help AD&D professionals create a road map to achieve SaaS migration quickly—which is more important than aiming for perfection.

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  • Know where to start with your SaaS Migration
  • Reassess large incumbent suppliers future role
  • Create a roadmap to meet IT & business goals quickly

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