What Chief Finance Officers Need to Know About Expense Management

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How automation reduces fraud and streamlines reimbursement

Travel and expense (T&E) spending often ranks closely behind wages and sales-and-marketing expense when it comes to controllable costs. When companies fail to manage travel and expenses, it costs them — in more ways than one.

Agile internal and external processes, supported by intelligent tools to flag potential fraud and employee error, can help mitigate risk and save your organization money. This eBook will examine how to build travel and expense policies that are easy to understand for employees and simple to enforce. Topics addressed in this eBook include:

  • A look at the causes of expense report mistakes, including intentional fraud and human error. 
  • The role automation plays in accurately managing T&E expenses and speeding the reimbursement process; and 
  • The benefits of tracking travel reimbursement metrics versus independent benchmarks.

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