Watch this on-demand webinar to understand the two key strategies to help your business bounce back stronger than ever: supply chain risk management and investment agility. 

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The Two Key Strategies to Increase Resilience at Pace 

Supply chains, consumer behaviour and market conditions continue to be disrupted, leaving procurement with the need to bolster the organisation against immediate risks, as well focusing on planning for the economic impacts ahead. But, according to McKinsey, the most resilient can cope with uncertainty and bounce back stronger than their peers if they take actionable steps quickly.

Watch our on-demand webinar, featuring Coupa along with a panel of experts as we explore two key strategies you can use to increase resilience – supply chain risk management and investment agility – at speed. This session will help you learn how organisations are dealing with the dual pressures of adapting today’s needs, while building for the uncertainty of the next phase of risk. We’ll also look at what needs to change in our priorities, capabilities and mindsets in order to support a more agile way of operating.

During the discussion, we cover:
  • Evaluating complex scenarios to ensure you have the right mix of suppliers to cope with market uncertainty
  • Partnering with finance to create a working capital cushion
  • Developing a unified process for managing categories that face exceptional disruption

Andrea Sordi

Sr. Director Global Procurement Strategy, Capability and Business Services, Mondelez International

Steve Hall 

Head of Partnerships and Digital Engagement, Procurement Leaders

Nicolas Gonzalez Garcia

Global Source to Contract Lead, at Mondelez International

Peter Smith

Founder & Director, Procurement Excellence Ltd

John Callan

Sr. Director, EMEA Product & Segment Marketing, Coupa