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Understanding Your Role in Your Company’s Overall Business Spend Management

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While many of today’s back-office stakeholders want to help their organizations improve spend management, different departments often have siloed, segmented cultures that prevent them from identifying their role in this process. Instead of viewing spend management automation in a holistic, strategic manner, companies see back-office process automation software as piecemeal solutions to very tactical problems.

Watch this webinar with PayStream Advisors and Source-to-Settle automation provider, Coupa, to explore how different processes and departments contribute to the company’s overall financial health. This webinar is meant to encourage different stakeholders to look beyond their own slice of business spend management, and to show how technology can help internal teams collaborate to better contribute to their company’s bottom line.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Business spend management trends among organizations (including AP, procurement, and sourcing processes) 
  • How to improve visibility and control for all spend types 
  • How to expand your business spend management worldview 
  • How to apply business spend management software to improve the bottom line

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