Third-Party Risk Management Advice

Infographics illustrate prescriptive processes, including key steps for success and common mistakes to avoid.

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How to Drive Third-Party Success

Your suppliers, distributors, sub-contractors, agents, and other third parties play critical roles in your business success. To successfully manage all of this inherent risk, it’s important to create a risk management strategy that incorporates people, process and technology.

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  • Integrated Third-Party Management:
    Examine 4 core components for leveraging real-time information to see your entire third-party landscape.
  • Learn Your Business Context for Principled Performance:
    Review 4 strategies to monitor and analyze key influencing factors in your external and internal business contexts
  • The Building Blocks of Supply Chain Risk Management:
    Discover 5 foundational concepts for effective management of the risks in shifting supply chains.
  • Third-Party Anti-Corruption Management:
    Explore 5 detailed areas critical for assessing and managing third parties for bribery and corruption risk.
  • Third-Party Anti-Corruption Due Diligence:
    Learn 6 steps to ensure the right level of process is applied to every third-party relationship.
  • Assessing Third-Party GDPR Compliance:
    Review 4 processes to manage third-party data privacy risk under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

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