M&A and Diversification

Addressing the Changing Landscape of M&A and Diversification


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Every time you read a business publication, there is an announcement of X company being bought out or Y company spun off - it is the new norm for business. But how do you handle these changes in an efficient and effective way while still running your business and achieving your company goals?

In this webinar Ron Pachura, VP of Finance Transformation for Fiserv, discusses his experiences and gives clear and practical advice you can use to help keep your sanity.

In this webinar Ron covers:

  • What important procurement considerations must be addressed for pending mergers/acquisitions or divestitures?
  • How can procurement deliver on the promised commitments of the pending merger/acquisition or divestiture?
  • How can the right procurement technology aid on the 1st operational day post the transaction?
  • What are the most pressing financial reporting & control regulatory issues that procurement must solve during a merger/acquisition or divestiture?business drivers and challenges

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