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How to Effectively Manage 2021's Top Financial Issues

On-Demand Webinar: Join Coupa's Chief Accounting Officer Tony Tiscornia as he shares his top 5 strategies to effectively manage some of the most significant points of concern for financial leaders today. From compliance and risk to working capital and AI-powered community intelligence, leaders need the right tools to manage the unknown.

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How to Effectively Manage 2021's Top Financial Issues

You will learn how to:

  • Mitigate risk, gain greater control over compliance hurdles and identify hidden risks that are hard to find
  • Confidently forecast, budget, and control your financials to get full visibility and control
  • Build a resilient business and be prepared to seize growth opportunities or reign in spend at a moments notice
  • Optimize payments, working capital, and treasury management to enable savings and improve cash management
  • Tap into AI-powered community intelligence to identify ways to drive operational efficiencies that improve the bottom line or enable reinvestment for business growth
Featured Speaker

Tony Tiscornia

Chief Accounting Officer at Coupa Software

Tony Tiscornia, Chief Accounting Officer at Coupa Software, the leader in Business Spend Management (BSM), has over 20 years of finance experience. He has been with Coupa since 2012 in various progressive leadership positions. During that time, Tony helped oversee the company's IPO in 2016, secondary offering in 2017, multiple convertible debt offerings, more than a dozen acquisitions, and overall global expansion. After beginning his career in public accounting with KPMG, Tony held various finance positions at The Clorox Company, Chiron Corporation, Robert Half, and Soraa. He also played an integral role in the sale of Blade Network Technologies to IBM.