IPO Readiness Checklist

Learn about five actions for greater financial resilience as your business scales for growth, including taking the company public.

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IPO Readiness Checklist

5 actions for greater financial resilience before taking a company public

How do you know when your company is ready to IPO? We have created a five-point IPO readiness checklist based on our years of experience in helping businesses all over the world prepare for an IPO, as well as the results of a 2022 IPO readiness survey conducted among 562 finance decision makers.

Even if you are delaying an IPO, due to volatile economic conditions like we have seen in 2022, now is the time to get your financial house in order, prepare for compliance, and begin behaving like a public company. This undertaking takes longer than most realize, so it is in your best interest to start earlier rather than later.

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  1. Establish robust and scalable financial processes
  2. Mitigate risks that could impact business continuity
  3. Establish a trusted IPO team
  4. Establish clear financial controls that hinder fraud and misuse while protecting future shareholders
  5. Ensure your financial processes are compliant with audits, regulations and due diligence

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