Coupa Executive Summit

Thursday 28th September
Hamburg 2023

Accelerate Performance. Unlock Purpose.

Your Trusted Platform for Business Spend Management

Whether you're focused on making hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions, you're navigating massive pressure to accelerate time to value across your organisation.

To find an edge, strategic finance teams are looking to digital transformation, AI, and new business insights. You need to spend smarter and go faster. You need a trusted platform not only to help with today's challenges, but also to be ready for what you'll face tomorrow.

At the Coupa Executive Summit, you'll learn how organisations leverage our platform to make their spend more effective and sustainable, faster than anyone else. Building on the latest insights from our global Business Spend Management community, we'll share experiences and ideas to make every EURO you spend matter.


All the programme speakers and content will be delivered in English

08:30 – 09:15   Welcome Breakfast and Networking 

09:30 – 10:15   Host's Welcome & Opening Keynote  - Learn More

10:15 – 11:00   Networking Break

11:15 – 12:15  Community Story and Customer Testimonial  - Learn More

12:15 – 13:45   Networking Lunch

14:00 – 15:30   Breakout Sessions

Option 1:  Invoicing in the Digital Age  - Learn More

Option 2:  Achieving Strategic Sourcing Excellence  - Learn More

15:30 – 17:00   Networking Drinks & Close of the Event

Dr Thomas Schneider



Ellen Cortvriend

Global E-Invoicing & E-Reporting CoE Lead, 
Partner PwC Belgium


Jacob Gorm Larsen

Founder & CEO, Author,
Moneyball CPH


Frank Cappel

RVP Value Solutions Consulting,


Donna Wilczek

SVP Product Strategy & Innovation,

 Session Details 
All the programme speakers and content will be delivered in English

Opening Keynote

Frank Cappel, RVP Value Solutions Consulting, Coupa | Donna Wilczek, SVP Product Strategy & Innovation, Coupa
Economic disruption calls for business transformation led by finance and procurement teams to build long-term strength and resilience. Responding to today's macroeconomic challenges quickly and effectively is no longer enough. Leaders must do more with less, accelerate time to value, and make strategic decisions that are scalable and adaptable as business needs change. Hear from Coupa leaders and customers on how its Business Spend Management (BSM) platform accelerates digitisation, optimises performance, and strengthens your tech strategy.

Community Story and Customer Testimonial

How Coupa boosts Group Procurement at ERGO
Dr Thomas Schneider, CPO, ERGO | Frank Cappel, RVP Value Solutions Consulting, Coupa | Thomas Rohn, RVP EMEA, Coupa

Explore the intricacies of procurement transformation at ERGO, and delve into the philosophy that a state-of-the-art procurement function is more craftsmanship than mere science or art. Discover how the implementation of Coupa has been the linchpin in ERGO's remarkable procurement transformation, empowering their Group Procurement to shift their emphasis from administrative tasks to value generation. Unravel the symbiotic relationship between processes, supporting systems, and the people behind them, drawing parallels to the harmonious interplay of yin and yang.

Breakout Sessions

Option 1 - Invoicing in the Digital Age
Ellen Cortvriend, Global E-Invoicing & E-Reporting CoE Lead, Partner PwC Belgium | Magnus Nyquist, Sr. Director of Product Management, Coupa | Abigail Myers-Antiaye, Principal Product Compliance Manager, Coupa

Join this informative session with PwC to understand the implications of Germany’s planned electronic invoicing mandate. Explore the impact on your organisation, why the changes are happening, how to prepare, and the path ahead to the proposed VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA) reforms. Discover Coupa’s plans to support the German market, and how to take your business to the next level with the Coupa platform. 

Option 2 - Achieving Strategic Sourcing Excellence
Jacob Gorm Larsen, Founder & CEO, Author, Moneyball CPH | Lucas Rulff, Director Solutions Delivery, Coupa | Ian Milligan, Principal Solutions Consultant, Coupa

Join this session to discover the essence of how to achieve strategic sourcing excellence. Explore the fundamentals of strategic sourcing, uncover strategies from industry leaders, and learn how to implement these practices within your organisation for lasting success. Elevate your sourcing approach, align with business objectives, and harness the power of collaboration and innovation. 

Reasons to attend

  • - Network with like-minded finance and procurement leaders
  • - Join invaluable ‘how-to’ breakout sessions packed with actionable steps that transform the way you work
  • - Hear Coupa customers share inspiring stories and insights and benchmark your organisation against other leading organisations.
  • - Learn to fuel your own transformation success and leverage spend to boost operational performance

Join the Coupa Community and network with your peers in Hamburg!