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SaaS Business Applications Are The Foundation Of Digital Transformation

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Companies looking to maintain their competitive edge and execute on digital transformation strategies need modern, flexible business applications. In today’s technology world, that usually means migrating to SaaS, which most CIOs find to be faster to implement and easier to adapt to changing business needs. However, many CIOs struggle to define a roadmap for this SaaS migration.

In this webinar, Forrester Vice President, Principal Analyst Duncan Jones describes best practices for defining your SaaS migration roadmap, as well as addresses these questions:

  • How should I set priorities? Which applications should I migrate first, and which should I leave on-premise?
  • How do I balance the need to move quickly with my desire for standardization and simplification?
  • When should I stay with my incumbent vendors, and where should I favor independent, specialist, SaaS-native providers?

Duncan Jones

VP, Principal Analyst

John Callan

Senior Executive - Product