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Insights from 2018 Benchmark Report: Digitization in Business Spend Management (BSM)

In the annual Coupa BSM Benchmark Report, 12 crucial key performance indicators (KPIs) are grouped into four business-critical categories. This ebook highlights how best-in-class Coupa customers perform around Digitization—and five steps your company can take to digitally transform Business Spend Management.

Download this ebook to examine five critical areas to help determine your company’s digital health, including:

  1. First-Time Match Rate: Avoid discrepancies and save time
  2. Electronic PO Processing: Accelerate the PO process and reduce errors
  3. Electronic Invoice Processing: Improve efficiency, cut cycle times, and realize early payment discounts
  4. Structured Spend: Reduce maverick spending and streamline the buying process
  5. Manual Audit of Expense Reports: Minimize the need for extensive manual audits and uncover errors faster 

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