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The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2020

Navigating Disruption and Uncertainty with an Agile Workforce

This whitepaper by Ardent Partners explores research findings about the changing contingent workforce market, the leading contingent workforce management programs, and what the future holds for contingent workers.

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Navigating Through Challenging Times with a Resilient Workforce

A decade ago, Ardent Partners’ research determined that 20% of the average workforce was built on freelancers, independent contractors, professional services, and temporary workers. Today, that percentage has more than doubled to 43%, showing that the contingent workforce has become a foundational element in business leading to an increase in an organization's complex services spend.

As businesses evaluate their operations, the most valuable asset remains their depth of talent and expertise augmented by an agile workforce to help optimize how work is done during uncertain times. Harnessing the power, value, and expertise of agile talent will help businesses build resiliency for the years to come.

Read this report by Ardent Partners to explore the:

  • Current state of the contingent workforce
  • Push for businesses to reimagine how work is done
  • Strategies for enhancing total control and visibility of spend over non-employee workforce
  • Best-in-class contingent workforce management programs and the future of the agile workforce

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