The Next Big Thing in S2P: AI & Big Data

Explore survey results on how AI & Big Data are currently being used in S2P—and the opportunities revealed for taking your S2P processes and outcomes to the next level.

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Review Survey Results on AI & Big Data

Insights from spend data from both internal sources and industry peers will soon be critical to driving outstanding results for your company in an increasingly competitive environment. When applied correctly, AI and big data can reveal significant opportunities to take your S2P processes and outcomes to the next level.

Listen to Coupa and sharedserviceslink explore survey results on how AI and Big Data are being used in S2P. You’ll discover how:

  • Shared services teams still operate with too small a spend under management—with 36% of companies lacking in controls 
  • Plans for using AI and Big Data will evolve over the next 5 years 
  • Big Data and AI implementations have started in 30% of shared services teams—and where they decided to start 
  • Reduction of fraud in T&E, P2P, and Procurement is driving a significant need for data insights and AI 
  • Quick wins to start selling a convincing business case for AI tools

Susie West

Founder & CEO,


Charlene Wang

Director of Product Marketing, Coupa