ebook: Digital Transformation in Business Spend Management (BSM)

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eBook: Digital Transformation in Business Spend Management: 8 Strategies for IT to Break Free of the 2000's

8 Strategies for IT to Break Free of the 2000's

According to Gartner Research, 47% of IT executives are experiencing pressure to make progress in digital from both the CEO and board of directors. In fact, 11 out of 15 industries surveyed indicated it's a top 3 initiative. 

Business Spend Management (BSM) provides the fuel you need for your ongoing digital transformation projects. With new, cloud-based technology, you can deliver highly visible and highly effective results quickly with deployment times that measure in months, not years.

Read this ebook to realize the effect that BSM solutions can have on you and your IT team by:

  • Getting rid of old junk—and joining the 70% of organizations securely using cloud technologies
  • Saving your team from spending time on low-value, low-impact activities
  • Delivering software that (actually) gets used and loved
  • Putting yourself back in the innovation driving seat

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