Whitepaper: Risk, Resiliency, and Supply Chain Modeling

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Recover Faster from Unplanned Disruption

The last few years have demonstrated what can go wrong when unexpected and prolonged disruptions cause sudden swings to supply and demand.

From inventory imbalances and transportation bottlenecks to rising costs and general market volatility, businesses have endured a domino effect of challenging events.

Given the realities of the post-pandemic-crisis era, traditional supply chain risk management practices will need to adapt and evolve. Supply chain networks used to prioritize cost and service above all else, but now they must also factor in risk and resilience.

As businesses continue to grapple with ongoing disruptive events, the lessons learned since 2020 bring about the opportunity for many business leaders to reassess and rethink their approach to risk – especially across the supply chain, where proper preparation can go a long way to driving the appropriate response to a disruptive event.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • A framework for analyzing and contending with today’s supply chain risks
  • What supply chain resiliency means in an ever-changing environment
  • How to prepare for any supply chain risk scenario
  • How supply chain design can give your enterprise the flexibility and readiness it needs to recover faster after a disruption

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