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Effectively Managing Third-Party Risk in the Supply Chain

In this on demand webinar hosted by Procurement Leaders, the panel of industry experts discuss what organisations are doing to ensure that third-party risks are carefully managed. To confidently meet human rights, sustainability & transparency requirements.

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Effectively Managing Third-Party Risk in the Supply Chain

Confidently meet human rights, sustainability & transparency requirements

With increasing global legislation like the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and the EU’s GDPR regulations, businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure that risks are carefully managed both within the business and within the businesses operating on their behalf. 

In this webinar, expert speakers share best practices for effectively managing third-party risk to avoid non-compliance penalties from regulators, protect brand reputation and improve supply chain agility. 

You will gain;

  • Information on the role of procurement within third-party risk management
  • Advice and best practices to avoid disruptions by diversifying the supply chain
  • KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your strategy
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Caroline Dillon
Senior Conference Producer
Procurement Leaders


Markus Hornburg
Vice President, Global
Product Compliance 
Coupa Software


Natalie Druckmann
Risk Management
Solutions Consultant

Coupa Software

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Leopold Hermann
Senior Director, DNC Sourcing & Procurement
The Hackett Group