eBook: 6 Ways to Increase Supply Chain Sustainability 

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A Guide for Companies Seeking to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Their Supply Chain

Did you know that a company’s supply chain emissions are on average 5.5 times higher than a corporation’s direct emissions?

Companies today are being held accountable for more than just financial success. Business leaders are pushed to show real impact and deliver on ESG commitments too. Neglecting sustainability can lead to higher employee turnover, customer pushback, damage to the brand, and fines from regulators. To fully manage the total environmental impact of their businesses, companies must manage and reduce the impact not only of their direct operations but also that of all of their suppliers and those suppliers’ suppliers.

This ebook will cover 6 ways that companies can incorporate sustainability into their Business Spend Management practices including:

  • Optimizing the supply chain
  • Creating a circular supply chain
  • Sourcing governance
  • Inventory management
  • Procurement & more

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