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Executive Brief:

Global Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World

An executive brief based on the recent HBR webinar featuring Willy Shih, a professor at Harvard Business School.

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Understand the future of global supply chains and identify where to focus at this critical time. 

The economic turmoil caused by the pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in supply chains of organizations everywhere. Companies are currently challenged to make their global supply chains more resilient without weakening their competitiveness. How can this be achieved?

Based on the recent Harvard Business Review webinar, featuring Willy Shih, Professor at Harvard Business School, this executive brief discusses what critical areas to focus on while preparing global supply chains for the future, including:

  • Using this crisis to understand vulnerabilities and reassess supply networks
  • Diversifying your supply base to decrease risk
  • Continuing to embrace globalization during this time of economic nationalism
  • Taking advantage of process innovations

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