Whitepaper: Risk, Resiliency, and Supply Chain Modeling

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Proactive risk mitigation begins at the very foundation of your global supply chain network: its design.

In a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated what can go wrong when a prolonged disruption causes sudden swings to supply and demand.  

From the stockout of commodity items like paper products and canned goods to supply shortages and factory shutdowns, many businesses have endured what is perhaps the most challenging single event in the collective memory. As businesses continue working toward a normal state of operations, the lessons learned from COVID-19 bring about the opportunity for many business leaders to reassess and rethink their approach to risk – especially across the supply chain, where proper preparation can go a long way to driving the appropriate response to a disruptive event.  

Download this white paper to learn how design and analytics can better equip the business to understand and prepare for any risk scenario to give your enterprise the flexibility and readiness it needs to weather unforeseen disruptions ahead.  

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