IDC PeerScape: Automation Practices to Drive Differentiated Supply Chain Planning Performance

According to IDC, “The supply chain orchestration necessary in a disruptive world simply cannot happen without adapting and adopting new technology.”

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Automation Practices to Drive Differentiated Supply Chain Planning Performance

With global supply chains under enormous pressure, both to be more efficient and resilient, traditional approaches to supply chain planning and analysis simply can’t keep pace. Organizations now require a fast and data-driven means to support new business models and balance resiliency, cost-efficiency, and fulfilling increasing customer demands.

This IDC report highlights how these challenges can be met through the use of advanced technologies and automation, which can help provide organizations with a competitive edge through differentiated supply chain planning performance.

Download this IDC PeerScape report to learn:

  • The importance of advanced technologies in the modern supply chain
  • Automation practices from peer insights, including Belcorp’s use of Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning to bridge the disconnect between Sourcing and Supply Chain
  • Technology focus areas and guidance to drive supply chain efficiency

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