Benchmark Report:
12 Ways to Measure 
Business Spend Management Success

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2018 Benchmark Report

How do you stack up against global industry leaders in your Business Spend Management (BSM) efficiency and modernization efforts? In a world focused on improving operating margins, reducing operational and brand risk, and increasing employee satisfaction, it's important to benchmark your BSM success. 

The Business Spend Management Benchmark Report compiles data from actual business spend behavior of global Coupa customers to analyze 12 key performance indicators (KPIs) vital to your business.

Dive into the data to help set goals for best-in-class BSM in these four critical categories:

  • Process Efficiency: How efficient are your transactional processes for procurement, invoicing and expense management?
  • Digitization: How successful have you been in digitizing your business spend management practices?
  • Compliance: How effectively are you driving compliance through business spend management?
  • Savings: What is the bottom-line impact of your sourcing and procurement efforts? 

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