Sourcing in the Fast Lane: Deliver Value with Strategic Sourcing

Spin up positive ROI in as little as 6 months with millions of dollars saved in the first year

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Step on the Gas: Focus on Sourcing Transformation to Capture Rapid ROI

In the face of unprecedented market volatility and supply chain disruption, many CFOs have shifted focus from growth to cost containment and risk mitigation. Additionally, as consumers step up their expectations of brands’ commitments to environmental, social, and governance (ESG), leaders seek to optimize impact while avoiding brand-damaging lapses.

Sourcing teams are uniquely positioned to serve these pressures—helping businesses contain costs, mitigate risk, and maximize ESG impact.

In this guide, you will learn how leading enterprises are:

  • Empowering their sourcing teams with the right tools and best practices to maximize their horsepower and deliver the most value.
  • Addressing the top 3 challenges organizations face that get in the way of maximum sourcing value.
  • Optimizing their sourcing processes including an example of how one company ran more than 10 sourcing events in 6 months, saving millions.

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