How to Build a Resilient Supply Chain

Klaus Botteger, Strategic Sourcing Optimization at Inter IKEA, discusses what it takes to build a resilient supply chain, especially during times of uncertainty.

Because Procurement has a direct view into costs and supplier risks, they are in a unique position to advise the Finance team on ways to successfully respond to a crisis and guide their company to greater resilience, agility, and financial stability.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Move from a “just-in time” to “just-in case” supply chain.
  • Confidently and quickly source new suppliers in new categories.
  • Make complex decisions more quickly.
  • Work with suppliers at scale.

If you would like to glean helpful tips on improving the resilience of your supply chain by minimizing supplier risk and maximizing supplier health, you will want to watch this webinar.

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Klaus Botteger

Solution Owner Strategic Sourcing Optimization, Inter IKEA

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Mike Coburn

Director, Coupa