Creating an Optimum Supplier Sourcing Strategy

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Creating an Optimum Supplier Sourcing Strategy

2020 has highlighted how vulnerable global supply chains can be to disruption and the importance for Procurement to possess a strong response strategy to crisis. With 2021 fast approaching, it is essential to rethink business models and build the optimum supply chain.

Resiliency has become a hot topic this year, but are there other methods Procurement can consider? Is it possible to go beyond resiliency and create complete agility and flexibility through supply chain immunity instead?

Watch the webinar replay to hear from Niklas Klarnskou, Head of Procurement Process & Digitalisation at CRH, and Jacob Larsen, Director of Digital Procurement at Maersk as they discuss:

  • How to create transparency in your supply chain.
  • Looking ahead and planning towards 2021 and beyond.
  • What’s better – supply chain resilience or supply chain immunity?