Contract Risk Playbook: Risks Hiding in Plain View

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An Advanced Guide for Corporate Boards and Senior Executives 

If your business handles a significant number of contracts, it also incurs a significant amount of risk. A study by the National Contract Management Association revealed that 75 percent of the companies surveyed reported contractual risk as a major concern.

The purpose of this playbook is to examine how contractual agreements can provide executives with the business intelligence they need to help reduce risks, uncover waste, achieve ESG goals, and improve performance.

By gaining 100 percent contract certainty, your business can always be aware of its risks, assets, and obligations.

Within the playbook, you’ll find:
• 3 steps to contract risk assessment and management
• 3 ways contract management data improves operations across the entire organization
• 4 current trends in contract risk and how contract risk analysis helps mitigate them
• An action checklist for senior executives and boards

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