2019 Procurement Insight Report

Highlighting trends and innovative spend management strategies for today's procurement teams

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Procurement is shifting from transactional oversight to strategic participation within the business.

With the deep infiltration of technology in the front- and back-office—as well as shifts in global business models, markets, and strategies—the rules of traditional business operations are being rewritten. In particular, the role of procurement is experiencing a dramatic transformation requiring new tools, processes, and strategies to be successful.

When procurement leaders embrace this transformation and lead their organizations from manual to automated processes, their function becomes not only a cost-saving operation for the business, but a highly valued strategic one as well.

Read how today’s procurement teams can embrace this transformation in the new 2019 Procurement Insight Report by Levvel Research, highlighting:

  • The evolving state of procurement culture, identity, and technology
  • Current procurement trends in North America
  • An overview of a leading procurement software providers
  • Features of eProcurement software solutions