Community Intelligence -
A Procurement Revolution

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Community Intelligence -
A Procurement Revolution

In this whitepaper, we will look at the concept of "community intelligence" - using the collaborative power and knowledge of multiple organisations and procurement professionals for everyone's benefit. While this isn't a new concept, developing technology is revolutionising what is possible here, in areas including collaborative buying, supply chain risk management and supplier performance management. The implications of community intelligence go way beyond reporting and benchmarking of transactional KPIs. There are many ways in which the strength and value of the “community,” allied to the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, can be used to help procurement functions and professionals derive benefits for their organisations and make better supply management decisions.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • Why there have been historical barriers to some of these
    ideas - and how technology is overcoming them
  • The benefits that will arise from adopters of community intelligence initiatives and opportunities
  • What you need to consider if you want to dive into the
    community intelligence pool!

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