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Savings as a Service - Procurement | Invoicing | Expenses

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In the Full Suite demos you'll learn how you can use Coupa to:

  • Simplify purchasing for all employees
  • Review spend and budgets
  • Automate requisition-to-pay
  • Streamline invoicing & other processes

Expenses demos include a brief overview of the full suite plus a thorough demonstration of Coupa Expenses.

AP/Finance demos include the full suite overview plus a deeper dive into invoice processing, payment scheduling and other finance topics.

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Full Suite demos:
 Tuesdays @ 11am PT | 2 pm ET
 Wednesdays @ 7am PT | 10 am ET

Expenses demo:
 Thursdays @ 11am PT / 2 pm ET (biweekly)

AP/Finance demo:
 Thursdays @ 11am PT / 2 pm ET(biweekly)

Full Suite demos in German:
  Freitag 24 April @ 11 CET

Full Suite demos in UK/Ireland:
  Wednesday 29 April @ 12 GTM
  Wednesday 20 May @ 12 GTM
  Wednesday 24 June @ 12 GTM

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